Sunday, 11 December 2016

Moist Fudgy Brownie

·        Egg-2+1 nos
·        Brown sugar -165 grams
·        Butter -82.5 grams
·        Dark chocolate -100 grams
·        Flour -40 grams
·        Cocoa powder -25-30 grams

·        First melt butter and dark chocolate together Easy to do it using Microwave for 30-40 sec at high power, or can do it on double boiler.
·        Then mix it well and leave it at room temperature.
·        Mix flour and cocoa powder together and sieve it.
·        Now in a mixing bowl beat 2 eggs and brown sugar together until the mixture become fluffy. Then add another remaining egg and beat well.
·        Next add butter -chocolate mixture in it and mix well.
·        Fold cocoa-flour mixture in it. Pour into a 6" baking mould and bake for 25-30 minutes at 160 degree C.
·         It will be very moist,. For more yummy spread chocolate sauce over it and stick some preferred nuts on side.
·         Yes, it is ready.

Sending the recipe to our ongoing Kolkata Food Bloggers event Christmas Goodies

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