Friday, 2 June 2017

Hezelnut coffee pie

         The journey of coffee at all stages from harvesting, processing, storing, grading through to roasting is very wonderful and unique.
           Coffee is clumps of green fruit form on the branches of the coffee tree to which is said that one of nature's most beautiful plants. Transforming the unripe green bean into the aromatic roasted coffee bean and then coffee powder appreciated the world over
           A coffee lover likes to drink it without no sugar and no milk i.e. black coffee to indulge the actual taste. But according to favouring, taste and drinking the best natural partners with coffee is milk or cream. Sugar is an ingredient in many coffee drinks, not only to stabilize the milk, but also to offset the bitterness, which is almost always present to some degree in recipes using cold coffee. Unrefined sugar has more flavors because of the molasses content, which varies from low in demerara (row) to higher amounts in dark muscovado (molasses) and darker soft brown sugar. The truth is that like many aspects of coffee drinking, the choice of sugar is purely a matter of taste. Caster sugar is excellent in recipes because it is quick dissolving.
             Here in this recipe I made the coffee syrup using Maple Syrup , light brown sugar that brought a nice aroma into this coffee liqueur and finally made coffee batter using beaten eggs and butter in to it. Lastly used this thin batter into Pie Dough and baked it.
Before doing this experiment I was getting confused about the time to bake due to thin batter and had doubt of the Pastry Might be burnt out. But after baking around half an hour it became so nice and soft in taste  and appearance too.


For The Filling:

·         Ground coffee -1 and 1/2 tsp./ one small pouch
·         Maple syrup - 100 ml  or 1/2 cup
·         Butter -grams or 2 tbsp.
·         Eggs-3  beaten
·         Light brown sugar 70-75 grams or 1/2 cup
·         Vanilla essence -1/2 tsp.
·         For The pie dough or pastry:
·         Flour-150 grams
·         Butter (I used salted butter)-75 grams
·         Icing sugar-25 grams or 3 tbsp.
·         For serving vanilla ice cream

·         To make the pastry or pie dough take flour, sugar and butter in a big mixing bowl.
·         Rub and mix well until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
·         Add just 2-3 tbsp. chilled water to make soft dough.
·         Cover it with a cling film and chill for 30 minutes.
·         Then use the pastry or pie dough to line a 6 inches tart mould .(press the dough with a rolling pin and spread it ,then put it on the mould  covering the total mould and set  it in to mould with pressing your fingers, finally cut the extra portion).

·         Insert fork in to it to make very little wholes, that prevent to puff the tart when will baked.
·         Keep it into refrigerator for chilling, and in the mean time we can ready the filling.
·         For filling out coffee and Maple syrup in a small pan and heat  until it is boiling.

·         Remove from heat and strain it. let it cool until it becomes at room temperature.
·         Beat butter and sugar. Then beat eggs one by one and beat until it became fluffy.

·         Finally add coffee-maple syrup mixture and vanilla essence and fold gently.

·         Arrange hazelnut and pistachio on tart putting out the pie from refrigerator and then pour the batter into tart.

·         Preheat the oven at 200 degree C and bake for max 35 minutes  or became browned and firm.

·         Serve warm or at normal temperature with vanilla ice cream

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lassi / Thandai

·         Yogurt-340 ml
·         Lemon juice -1 tsp.
·         Lemon zest of one lemon
·         Sea salt -1/4 tsp.
·         Sugar powder -3 -4 tbsp
·         Cardamom powder ¼ tsp.
·         Pistachio powder -1tbsp.(blend pistachio in a dry clean blender)
·         Water quantity as per you like
·         Ice cube 6-7 nos.

·         Put all ingredients in a blender and blend well.
·         Add 3-4 ice cubes in to it and blend one time more.
·         Pour into glasses and can garnish with remaining ice cubes and chopped pistachio on the top.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lau Chachari (Bottle Gourd Dry Curry)

 Though bottle gourd has  lots of benefits and  usefulness, yet from child hood it is not at all my favorite , except this  recipe that I’m sharing with you .We all know , there are lots of way to cook this vegetables ,this is true with bottle gourd too. Bottle gourd kopta curry, Prawn with bottle gourd (Lau chingri in Bengali).This recipe is very easy and can be done very quickly with very less ingredients. I am also sure those who are not too much fond of bottle gourd curry will find it good.I have adopted this recipe from my mother and believe me she does this dish still now just awesome.
In terms of its good side it is very healthy as Bottle gourd water  which is widely used for the weight loss is fully absorbed within  and cooked with minimal amount of oil. You can make it little bit rich with addition of fresh grated coconut.

   In the method I have suggested to boil the bottle gourd separately first. But if you don’t have time, then can add all ingredients when boiling the bottle gourd and then later dry up the water as much as you like So here it is Lau Chachari Recipe

·         Chopped Bottle Gourd(1 inch long square shaped) -1 small sized
·           Panch Phoron(mix of whole five spices like cumin seed, black cumin, fenugreek seed ,fennel seed, black mustard seed) -1 /2   tsp.
·         Chopped coriander leaves -1 handful
·         One or two green chilies
·         Salt to taste
·         Sugar -1 ½ tbsp.
·         Whole dry red chili- 1 no.
·         Grated or paste ginger -1/2 tsp.
·         Bay leaf -1 no.
·         Mustard oil -1 tbsp.

·                     Wash chopped bottle gourd and put it in a pressure cooker. Close its lid and wait for just one whistle. Switch of the flame.(water is not needed, because bottle gourd itself release water.)When vapor comes out, open the lid.
·                     Now heat a big mouth Kadai, add mustard oil.
·                     When hot, add punch futon, whole red chili and bay leaf.
·                     When it starts to spluttering, pour boiled bottle gourd (at the same time add also boiled water that is released from it.) into it.

·                     When it starts to boil, then add others remaining ingredients and let it boil covering lid with low flame.
·                     After 12-15 minutes open the lid.  Will notice the bottle gourd is cooked well and water is also dried up.
·                     If you realise that water should be dry more, then do the flame high and let it be dried.
·                     It is ready, well I think I should not mention that it comes well with Hot stream Rice. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas Rich Fruit Cake

      It is a very cool and wonderful time of the year,the big festival Christmas is celebrating everywhere by people around the world .It celebrates for giving honor of the Birth of The Jesus .But this cultural holidays enjoy by almost every one.People do lots of preparations and decorates houses ,streets etc. This tradition starts  four week before 25 December and continues till the New year comes.
           Whatever, come to the point of food without which  festival is incomplete.During this time a special traditional fruit cake is prepared called 'Christmas Special fruit cake' that is made of lots of dry fruits soaking into Rum for months and then adds to cake batter and that’s why it is sometimes also called "Rum cake".
      There are lots of varieties to make fruit cakes and according to use of ingredients and  processes they are named differently.Here I ‘m sharing traditional Rich Palm Cake in which I used traditional dry fruits soaked into Rum, cake spice(that is mixture of powder clove,cinnamon,cardamom,nutmeg ) and caramelized sugar boiled  into water mixture to get a nice aroma and dark colour. Otherwise instead of this you can use brown sugar to get the dark brown colour. So try if you yet not tried out... 

·         All purpose flour -2 cups / 250 grams
·         Sugar powder -250 grams
·         Butter (I used salted butter ) -250 grams
·         Baking powder -1 tsp.
·         Orange zest of one orange
·         Orange juice -1/2 cup
·         Almond powder -1/4 cup
·         Eggs -4 no
For making cake spice :
·         Nutmeg powder -1/2 tsp.
·         Cinnamon powder -1 tsp.
·         Cardamom powder -1/2 tsp.
·         Clove powder -1/2 tsp.
Dry fruits soaked into Rum:
·         Chopped apricot – 8-9 no
·         Chopped pistachio -8-10 no
·         Chopped walnut -8-9 no.
·         Black currant -2 handful
·         Raisins -2 handful
·         Chopped cherries -1/2 cup.
·         Black berries(I used dried)
·         Cashew nuts cut into half  -2 handful l(for sprinkling over the cake batter )
·         Rum -1 cup.
·         All purpose flour -2-3 tbsp.
For making caramelized
·         Sugar(not powder)-1/2 cup
·         Water -1/4 cup
[All ingredients should be kept in room temperature]

·        For caramelization take a pan .Put sugar in it. Heat it on low flame .It will be started to crystalised and will start to melt. Stir with a spatula .When sugar melts, remove from heat and add water (will notice it takes lump), heat again and sugar will dissolve in water. Let it cool.
·        In a mixing bowl sieve flour, baking powder and cake spices all together.
·        Take a mixing bowl. Put all dry fruits and chopped nuts in it. Pour rum in it. If you need more to sink, then can add more. I did this process for a month. At least try to do it two days before you make the cake
·        .Before pouring into the cake batter mix 2-3 tbsp of flour with it .Otherwise all dry fruits and nuts will come down at the bottom of the pan.
·        Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree C. Grease 2 loaf pans and line with butter paper.
·        Now in a big mixing bowl  beat butter and sugar powder until it become smooth and creamy
·        Add egg one by one and beat well until it become fluffy.
·        Add vanilla essence, orange zest in it and mix well.
·        Then fold 1/2 flour mixture in to  it and add orange juice. Mix well and next add remaining flour and caramelized water into it. Fold well and lastly mix Rum soaked dry fruits and nuts. Mix well.
·        Pour the cake batter in cake mould.
·        Coat cashewnuts into the little flour and arrange it on top of the cake batter.
·        Bake it at 180 degree c for 5-7 minutes then reduce the temperature at 160 degree C bake until it become brown on top.
·        Insert a tooth peak in to middle of the cake, when it comes out clean, remove from oven and cool it.
·        Enjoy it’s slice with tea or coffee.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Moist Fudgy Brownie

·        Egg-2+1 nos
·        Brown sugar -165 grams
·        Butter -82.5 grams
·        Dark chocolate -100 grams
·        Flour -40 grams
·        Cocoa powder -25-30 grams

·        First melt butter and dark chocolate together Easy to do it using Microwave for 30-40 sec at high power, or can do it on double boiler.
·        Then mix it well and leave it at room temperature.
·        Mix flour and cocoa powder together and sieve it.
·        Now in a mixing bowl beat 2 eggs and brown sugar together until the mixture become fluffy. Then add another remaining egg and beat well.
·        Next add butter -chocolate mixture in it and mix well.
·        Fold cocoa-flour mixture in it. Pour into a 6" baking mould and bake for 25-30 minutes at 160 degree C.
·         It will be very moist,. For more yummy spread chocolate sauce over it and stick some preferred nuts on side.
·         Yes, it is ready.

Sending the recipe to our ongoing Kolkata Food Bloggers event Christmas Goodies